Property vs. Access

After our visit at Landors office next to the Alster i began thinking about our generation and the main difference between us and the generations before us. I came to the conclusion that it’s no longer about „what you have is what you are“. For me it is about „what i have access to is what i can be“. We are not just one identity. We are many! We are able to switch between risky drunk student, selfconfident business people and a silly guy chilling with his friends (there are a lot more types). The way we change our represented identity, we change our needs, what makes it expensive to be all these ways. Initiated by the speed of changing society trends and status symbols it became smart to borrow guts and to pay for access to information. When Daimler first intruduced their concept for Car2go the general public smiled at it. A car producer extensed his Corporate Brand competence into mobility service. Just a minority group realized that this was the beginning of a revolution. Today this idea encroaches upon all innovative car-producers (VW Quicar, BMW Drive now etc.). The new consumer generation doesn’t wait until his favoured brand is ready to take the next step. When the sharing-idea reaches a market they take it from the first provider.

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