BMW is launching a new brand in their Corporate Brand Architecture. Does it work? Is it to brave to invest in electric automotiv? As the first german car producer BMW sells a car with an electronic engine. this step fits into BMWs plans of becoming the best provider of sustainable mobility. Marketresearch reveals that BMWs i3 is the most expensive electric car (exept tesla) wich is available in germany. After spending more than 3 mrd. Euros into the development BMWi better raises high sales but there are more problems than neccessary. Eitherway I fell in love with this car, when I saw it at the ABC-Street in Hamburg this January. It was breezing throughout the city as being from another planet. It was so quiet, I wasn’t able to hear anything even at acceleration. The design may not fit in todays society, but everybody who’s in charge to experience this car will feel like it’s tomorrow.

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