Awards or Adwars?

When I wanted to go home after my course at the brand academy I just walked into an event. It turned out to be an award presentation ceremony of the foundation „broken hearts“. To get it straight, a few of fellow students in 3rd term won it and they earned it, but what was it for? Were they socially engaged with the topic slavery in the 21rst century? I guess they weren’t. Of course, they were forced to do it. What does a price say about people? Nothing, it says much more about other people. The jury for example, or people who are impressed by the award. Today everybody is able to proclaim an award or to earn an award, he just has to find the right category. The whole award thing becomes more an Ad-War. It lets the question appear, why we aren’t doing our best without expecting others to praise us.
No offense to my fellow students! It’s about our society…

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